Why is my order still pending after payment is settled? Print

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Your order status can be pending for many different reasons:

1) Order is under review
If it's your first order with us, most likely your order is under review. Usually, the first order requires manual review by our billing team and it takes 1 business day. Please note that sometimes the following orders also require manual review before provisioning if our team see that's necessary.

2) More information required
If our team need more information before sending the service to provisioning, they'll contact you by email/ticket. Please check your Inbox/Spam box for our message and reply at your earliest convenience.

3) Order in provisioning
The ordered service is in provisioning. Services like Dedicated servers require some time for provisioning.

If you need help tracking your order, pleaseĀ open a sales/billing ticket, talk to us on live chat or call us at +92-322-2441299.

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