Dear Customers,

efuzone is offering most competitive domain and hosting prices in the market for over 15 years now. Since we sell domain and hosting with minimum possible margins, our price reviews are either passed on by vendors or influenced by US Dollar rates.

To make our customers experience more better, We have also installed some great premium services on our servers.

  1. JetBackup

    JetBackup is a tool available in your cPanel which provides a powerful set of backup and recovery solutions.

    Our systems have been fully automated to create remote (off-site) backups for you, making this process super easy! We take weekly off-site backups (around midnight) of your data and store them up to a certain number of days, based on your hosting plan.

  2. Litespeed Web Server
    LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server from LiteSpeed technologies. It can be used to replace an existing Apache server without changing any other programs or operating system details. Best of all, it can be integrated without breaking anything. As such, LiteSpeed Web Server can quickly replace a major bottleneck in your existing web hosting platform.

  3. cPGuard – Ultimate Security

    Malware Scanner
    Comprehensive protection against malwares, injections and other attacks with intelligent threat-detection, Symbolic link, Binary threats and suspicious pattern recognition.

    Custom scans and Reports
    Easily start manual scans and view detailed reports and virus description in the graphical interface closely integrated to cPanel.

    Auto-clean infections
    Automatically remove infected lines of code from your files with our cloud based intelligent auto clean logic.

Due to the recent hike in US Dollar price, we are forced to revise domain & hosting prices and some of VPS/Servers packages.

This will impact new registrations as well as renewals. If your domain comes with hosting package, it will still be FREE like always.

If you would like to renew your services at old prices please renew before 20th September 2021.

Given below are the new rates for different TLD's; 

.com Rs.1,800

Rest TLDs prices remain same..


New Basic Hosting package registration/renewal rates will be:

Rs.6,800 Yearly with Free (.com) Domain


New Business Hosting package registration/renewal rates will be:

Rs.13,000 Yearly with Free (.com) Domain


New Corporate Hosting package registration/renewal rates will be:

Rs.18,500 Yearly with Free (.com) Domain


New Corporate Plus Hosting package registration/renewal rates will be:

Rs.24,000 Yearly with Free (.com) Domain


Dedicated IP registration/renewal rates will be:

Rs.5,000 Yearly



All new prices will effect from 1st October 2021.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

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